How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing with Free Traffic

How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing with Free Traffic

Step 1: Utilize Medium for Traffic

Affiliate marketing can be a tough nut to crack, but it can be lucrative if you know how to do it right. With the right strategies, you can make money through affiliate marketing with free traffic. One of these strategies is to use Medium, an online publishing platform with 150 million monthly visitors, to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

When you write a blog or story related to your affiliate product, you can tap into Medium’s engaged audience to drive traffic to your website or landing page. But, how do you go about it? Here are some tips:

1. Choose the Right Topic and Headline:

Writing on Medium won’t help you if nobody reads your content. To attract readers, you need a catchy headline and a topic that resonates with your audience. Look for topics that your target audience is interested in and create a headline that grabs their attention. Also, ensure that the topic is relevant to your affiliate product.

2. Write Quality Content:

Great content drives traffic, engagement, and social shares. Creating high-quality content that your target audience would like to read and share will help you get more traffic and exposure. Also, ensure that your content is informative, well-written, and visually engaging, with relevant images and videos.

3. Optimize for SEO:

Good SEO practices are critical to making your content visible on search engines. Use relevant keywords in your headline, subheadings, and content. Also, optimize your Meta description to entice readers to click on your article. These practices can help improve your search engine ranking and drive more organic traffic to your content.

4. Engage with Your Audience:

Building your readership on Medium requires engagement. Respond to comments on your post and engage with other writers in your niche. Also, be sure to promote your posts on social media to reach a broader audience.

By utilizing Medium, you can drive more free traffic to your affiliate links, build your brand, and increase your affiliate sales. So, don’t shy away from leveraging this powerful platform to boost your affiliate marketing game.

Step 2: Promote on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms can be a powerful tool for your affiliate marketing efforts. In this chapter, we’ll discuss some of the best methods to promote DigiStore24 products and increase your income through social media.

Value Pin Method on Pinterest:

Pinterest is a visual platform that is great for promoting products with lots of eye-catching images. The Value Pin Method is a strategy that can help you bring organic traffic to your blogs, while still benefiting from pins being shared all around the platform. Here’s how it works:

Choose a product that you want to promote from your DigiStore24 account.

Write a blog related to that product with a detailed and helpful article plus high-quality images.

Create multiple pins for that product using those images and link them to your blog.

Use incentives to motivate Pinterest users to click on your pins. Such incentives could be a free downloadable guide, or discount offer.

When someone clicks on the pin, they will be directed to your blog. They can read your article and click on your affiliate links to purchase the product.

Other Social Media Platforms:

Aside from Pinterest, you should also promote your affiliate products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. One approach is to create a branded social media page or account where you post helpful content related to your product niche and affiliate links to DigiStore24 products. You could even create fun, short videos to help you with the promotion.

You can also join a group related to that niche to be able to share your affiliate product with them for free. For example, if you are promoting a health product, you could join a Facebook group devoted to yoga or nutrition where you can ask for feedback and share your promotions.

Targeted Traffic Sources:

One way to increase your income through affiliate marketing is by sending targeted traffic to your own WordPress site instead of a sales page. You can do this by creating a landing page with a free resource related to the product you are promoting. You can then offer the product in exchange for the user’s email address or offer them more related content to your product niche.

What you’re aiming for is attracting interested visitors from platforms related or similar to your product niche. They are potentially more likely to purchase. Analyze the traffic patterns to your landing page, making sure you are getting enough traffic, and then track your results.

Do Not Spam:

You want to promote affiliate links without getting blocked or marked as spam by social media sites. Directly sending an affiliate link through email is also a noose. Imagine getting unsolicited emails and how quickly you’ll treat it as spam.

Affiliate marketing ultimately requires a thoughtful approach. Instead of sending direct links, focus on creating high-quality, valuable content and build a lasting relationship with your audience first. You will get more traffic, and you’ll also get more organic shares by making yourself a trusted source.


Promoting on social media platforms is an effective and budget-friendly way to drive traffic and revenue to your affiliate marketing. The Value Pin method on Pinterest works well because of its supportive ecosystem. Promoting on your social media accounts too is a great way to reach a new audience who are possibly genuinely interested in the product you promote. Rather than sending direct links, it’s important to build a relationship, offering valuable resources and education while promoting the product as well. With these methods, you can achieve a higher conversion rate and increase your commission on DigiStore24.

Step 3: Increase Affiliate Commissions with Targeted Traffic

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money by promoting other people’s products and earning a commission from each sale. However, to be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to drive targeted traffic to your website or landing page. In this chapter, we will discuss some of the best ways to increase your affiliate commissions with targeted traffic.

1. Focus on Your Target Audience

One of the best ways to increase your affiliate commissions is by targeting a specific audience. You need to understand the needs and preferences of your target audience and choose the right affiliate products to promote. Your content should be tailored to their interests and presented in a way that resonates with them. For example, if your target audience is interested in health and fitness, you could promote fitness equipment or supplements that cater to their needs.

2. Utilize SEO for Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website or content to rank higher in search results. SEO is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website and increase your affiliate commissions. By using relevant keywords and optimizing your content, you can attract more visitors to your website who are interested in the products you promote. Additionally, you can optimize your website for local search to drive traffic from your area.

3. Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for driving targeted traffic to your website and increasing your affiliate commissions. By building an email list of subscribers who are interested in your niche, you can promote your affiliate products to them on a regular basis. However, it’s important to provide value in your emails and avoid spamming your subscribers. You can also use email marketing to promote your blog content and drive traffic to your website.

4. Use Social Media to Promote Your Content

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be used to promote your content and drive traffic to your website. You can create social media accounts for your blog or website and engage with your followers by sharing valuable content and interacting with them. Additionally, you can use social media advertisements to target specific audiences and promote your affiliate products to them.

5. Create High-Quality Content

Creating high-quality, valuable content is essential for driving targeted traffic to your website and increasing your affiliate commissions. Your content should be informative, engaging, and relevant to your target audience. You can create blog posts, videos, infographics, and other types of content that provide value to your readers and promote your affiliate products. Additionally, you can use guest posting or influencer marketing to reach a wider audience and promote your content.

In conclusion, by focusing on your target audience, utilizing SEO, leveraging email marketing, using social media, and creating high-quality content, you can increase your affiliate commissions with targeted traffic. Remember to always provide value to your readers and avoid spamming them with affiliate links. By doing this, you can build a loyal audience and become a successful affiliate marketer.

Jump-Start Your Journey with DigiStore24

Are you struggling to make money through affiliate marketing with free traffic? Well, look no further than DigiStore24. DigiStore24 is an excellent platform for earning money through affiliate marketing, providing access to numerous affiliate products and free funneling to get your business started.

Before jumping into promoting DigiStore24 products, it’s important to have a strong understanding of three key factors: targeted traffic, WordPress sites, and spamming techniques to avoid.

Targeted traffic is the key to increasing your sales and building your email list with potential customers who are interested in products similar to yours. Identifying the correct traffic source is crucial to gaining high-quality traffic, and there are many sources available that you can use to increase your commissions.

Using your own WordPress site to promote affiliate products instead of a sales page allows you to showcase your personal brand and create a connection with potential customers. This is an essential factor in converting your site visitors into buyers.

It’s important to avoid spamming techniques, including sending direct links from emails, as they can lead to your email being blocked or unsubscribed from. Spamming can do more harm than good and can destroy any chances of building a loyal following and a sustainable business.

If you’re just starting with affiliate marketing, DigiStore24 offers you the opportunity to begin your journey with a free funnel and a product to get you started. These techniques aren’t commonly taught by gurus, making DigiStore24 an excellent resource for anyone looking to make quick money with affiliate marketing.

In conclusion, DigiStore24 is an excellent platform for earning money through affiliate marketing with free traffic. By following the above steps, you will increase your conversion rates while gaining high-quality traffic. Join DigiStore24 now and jump-start your affiliate marketing journey for a successful future.

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