Chatbase Review: A New Chatbot Tool Powered by OpenAI and ChatGPT

As businesses continue to embrace chatbots to automate their communication with customers, developers have continued to improve chatbot tools to make them more customizable and efficient. One of the newer options in the market is Chatbase, a chatbot tool that offers high levels of customizability and access to OpenAI and ChatGPT.


Chatbase stands out for its customizability, allowing users to train the chatbot with their own data, answering questions about their products or services, and providing a unique personality and appearance. The tool comes with different options to help customize the chatbot’s personality and provide it with the source material from various sources. Users can create their own chatbot and provide it with source material from a file, website crawl, or plain text. Moreover, users have the option to adjust the chatbot’s settings to increase or decrease its creativity level, change its message templates, set visibility options and rate limiting, and even collect email addresses.

Dashboard feature

Chatbase has a dashboard feature that allows users to monitor all the customer conversations with the chatbot, which provides them with an easy way to follow up on any leads. Additionally, customers using tier 2 can remove the Chatbase branding from their website to create a more professional look and feel for the chatbot. The tool offers embedding options for websites and sharing options to make it easily accessible from every device.

Access to OpenAI and ChatGPT

One benefit of Chatbase is that it is powered by OpenAI and ChatGPT, allowing businesses to leverage the power of these technologies to improve their chatbot’s performance. Users can connect their own OpenAI API key for a virtually unlimited access feature, though this may incur a charge for usage.

Limited Features

Although Chatbase offers a highly usable tool with an 8.8 rating out of 10, there are opportunities for improvement. While it allows for customization to a high degree, it could benefit from the availability of creating sub-accounts for clients to add their training data, integration with CRMs and email autoresponders, and automatic content crawling.

Overall, Chatbase is a highly adaptable and valuable tool that businesses can use on their website or client websites to enhance customer engagement and communication. With customizable chatbots, dashboard features, and access to OpenAI and ChatGPT technology, it provides companies with an excellent solution for automating business conversations.

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